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Some Frequently asked Questions

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Are your technicians certified and trained?

Yes, we have certified HVAC technicians and Certified Filter Service technicians through the NAFA certification program.

Why would I use a filter service company?

Aside from creating better air quality, using us to service your filter needs will save you time and money. Regular filter maintenance reduces strain and wear on your heating/cooling systems, which reduces dust and dirt on your inventory. This also reduces the amount of labor in “dusting” the store inventory and reduces risk of injury to your employees who would have to climb on the roof for the filter maintenance.

Does Filter Service of St. Louis carry my size of filter?

We stock all standard filter sizes and also make any custom sizes to fit every application

How does changing my air filter create a healthier work place?

Our filters retain 86% of all dust and dirt. A fiberglass filter retains only 10%-20%. Cleaner air equals better health because the pollutants that circulate in an office space are filtered out. Employees are not breathing recycled air anymore.

Does Filter Service of St. Louis provide frames for the filters?

Yes, we provide custom fitted, galvanized frames for use with the polyester media applications and filters for each of your units needing serviced

Will the same technician always service my business?

Not always but most of the time. Routes are ran by the same technicians for consistency and better knowledge of each customer. This also helps with running the routes in a timely manner

How often do I need service?

The service schedule is dictated by the environment the filters are being exposed. Restaurants and Convenience stores, for example, are some of the more harsh environments with cooling and traffic with doors open constantly. These environments require a great deal of unit run time to maintain desired temperature. Our service schedules are every 4 weeks, every 8 weeks or 12 weeks (Quarterly). We would recommend a service schedule at the time we do your proposal.