Filter Services

We Are Here To Supply And Service Your Filter Needs.

How Does The Service Work

How To Get Started?

Survey the Job Site

One of our professionally trained service sales representatives will survey the job site and determine the type, quantity and size of filters being used. He will also take into consideration the ease of access to the filters and where they are housed.

Create a Proposal

We will evaluate the benefits of upgrades and improvements to your filter system and determine the frequency of maintenance necessary. A proposal is then submitted for your approval. Once you have approved the proposal, we simply enter you into our computer system along with the frequency of service information. A service ticket will be automatically printed for your job prior to the due date of service, which allows us to order the appropriate filters for your needs. Then service will be scheduled.

Arrive on Time

Our insured, professional service technician will arrive promptly on your service date and take care of all your filter system needs.

Keep You Informed

Filter Service of St. Louis also keeps all your maintenance records and removes and disposes properly of all used filters. We always keep you informed of the job and any concerns with your filter systems condition and status. Let the experts at Filter Service of St. Louis give you peace of mind about your filtration needs. Call now for a free on site survey and analysis.

Other Services Offered Are:

  • sales, installation of service of air cleaners.
  • Sales, installation and service of rooftop and exhaust hood grease collection systems.
  • Coil cleaning and cleaning of HVAC units to eliminate fungi, bacteria and viruses present in air conditioning coils.

HVAC Filter Services

How We Change Filters And Why